Major Pokemon Announcement coming on January 8th!

The official Pokemon website has recently announced that big news is coming on January 8th. This comes just an hour or two after the official Japanese Pokemon website posted an update about it. What does this mean? We'll find out for sure on January 8th (possibly midday January 7th, due to the time difference in Japan), but whatever it is, it is likely to be a major announcement.

The announcements of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 were held in a similar manner, with both the international and Japanese sites making a simultaneous announcement about the new games.

There are a few possibilities of what they're planning on announcing. I'm going to give my opinion on three different possibilities I've been hearing a lot about regarding what these games could be.

Ruby/Sapphire Remakes

In October 2011, Junichi Masuda replied to a tweet asking about remaking Ruby and Sapphire, essentially saying that Ruby and Sapphire were important and he wanted to make something good. While this is not at all definitive, a lot of people felt that it was an indicator of the next games to be made. The world received Black 2 and White 2 instead, but there is still a base of people that would like to see Ruby and Sapphire remade, so perhaps this could be the big announcement.

The problem with this theory is that it would still be a part of Generation V if it were made on the Nintendo DS. While there's nothing directly wrong with that, it means that it will remain on the Nintendo DS instead of moving to the advanced hardware of the Nintendo 3DS, and we will be stuck for three years without a main series Pokemon game on the Nintendo 3DS (assuming Generation VI gets pushed to 2014). Additionally, several of the key Hoenn Pokemon were given away in Generation IV and V already — Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza were all available in HeartGold and SoulSilver, while Latias, Latios, Regirock, Regice and Registeel were available in Black 2 and White 2.

Generation VI

One of the other main possibilities is that the announcement will be unveiling Generation VI, or the 6th Generation of Pokemon games. With the Nintendo DS being over 8 years old and carrying two generations of Pokemon games on it already, Generation VI will almost certainly be for the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS will turn two years old this Spring and has yet to have a main series Pokemon game on it. While it would make for a short Generation V, Generation V was more about refreshing the series, so having just the Black and White series of games on it would be akin to the first generation's Red and Blue.

They must be getting close to having a fully 3D world, too, with battles shown in 3D similar to Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness or Pokemon Battle Revolution, except higher quality and on a handheld system. The 3D models of the Pokemon already exist in Pokedex 3D Pro. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity has proven that there can be solid gameplay with rich 3D graphics on the Nintendo 3DS. The technology is already mostly there, so why wait another year for it?

One of the main problems with this theory is that it would make for a short Generation V — just three years in Japan, assuming it is released around October. While that isn't extremely short, it does still differ from the recent four year cycle Pokemon.

Something Else

Before the announcement of Black 2 and White 2, most people were thinking the "big announcement" was going to be for Pokemon Gray. The second most likely theory then was Ruby and Sapphire remakes. Both of these theories turned out to be wrong. Pokemon has a tendency to surprise the fans, so they very well may do that again.

Anyone up for Black 3 and White 3? Ruby 2 and Sapphire 2? Still holding on to Pokemon Gray as a possibility? Or what if it's just something else entirely different (but still on Generation V, of course)? It's highly doubtful that it will be just a spinoff game, since they had the perfect opportunity to do that with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

What do YOU think?

It's all speculation at this point, but what do you think the big announcement will be on the 8th? Go on and leave a comment with your thoughts and your reason why!


  • #35 words134616

    Shiny Ruby and Dark Sapphire. Shiny Ruby is a combined sequel to White, White 2 and Ruby version, and Dark Sapphire works the same but for Black, Black 2  and Sapphire. The game takes place in Hoenn with the Hoenn starters, but you're facing a brand new Evil Team. Their plan is to unleash Dream World Regigigas, whose hidden ability, Speed Boost, makes him the most formidable and unstoppable Pokemon ever. Luckily, the protagonists of BW and BW2 show up, each with their respective dragons, which you then combine into the original Tao dragon to save the day.


    Oh yeah, and the evil team represents the opposites of ideals and truth. So, I guess, lies and....uh, pragmatism or something.

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  • #36 devansh287

    I guess that would be an incredible idea. One thing that could be added would be the ability to  travel between the regions and completing both the regions' gyms. And also instead of a new villainous team it would be extremely cooler if the Teams Plasma, Aqua and Magma joined hands together as the new villains. And the names of the versions should be LavaRuby and SeaSapphire.

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  • #37 GengarX

    I'm ery exited about this new announcement! I know my dad would love a Ruby/Sapphire remake. I really want Generation 6 on the Wii.

  • #38 22pandrew

    I sure as heck hope it's a Ruby/Sapphire Remake! :grin:

  • #39 KFCdratini

    red blue 3d remake'd be sweet

  • #40 Master_Blaziken

    i sure hope its a ruby/sapphire remake, because ive been really bugged by hoenn being the region in the least games. only time will tell though.

  • #41 pokenerdmaster

    Im sooo exited i cant WAIT FOR IT !!!i just hope its for the ds man... i do have a 3ds but i dont like it too much... and alo my highest hope is for a game with EVERYTHING!!! I mean it like with all legends and like somehow meeting you in past gens like for you people who play bw2 like mabe meeting yourself in bw1!!! but now in all gens!! i cant say everyone has played aaallll of them... neither have i. I havent played any gba ones.... though i highly dout that my thery is correct but me still exited!!

  • #42 Corensis

    Can't wait for this announcement! I really hope it's Ruby/Sapphire remakes. The Hoenn region was my favorite region and I've been hoping for a remake for quite a while. I thought they'd make remakes after B/W but instead they made B/W2 which was still pretty good but remakes of the Hoenn games would've been better. These new games should be for 3DS, they have the technology and the capacity to, so why not? 

  • #43 IAmRoxas

    Just 3 more days, and I'm wanting the same thing! A 3D moving mechanic like in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness would be cool too.

  • #44 zenoxhero

    im personally thinking it will be a rs remake aswell as a 3ds game. remember how rs were the 2 first big updates from the gbc to the gba, i think theyll take this chance to do the same but from the ds to the 3ds. im hoping that atleast, RS Remakes aswell as a full 3d model game.

  • #45 ninetales_fan7275

    I think that RS remakes would be awesome but I think the most likely thing would be a generation VI

  • #46 IAmRoxas

    Why is a Generation VI more likely?

  • #71 ninetales_fan7275

    Because of the 3ds and the regular ds already having 2 generations. I also just have a feeling that might happen. I don't really know why though...

  • #76 UltimateFlygon

    What if it doesn't have anything to do with the ds or 3ds, but a spin off for the wii u? D:

    Last edited by UltimateFlygon: 1/6/2013 6:31:41 PM
  • #113 ninetales_fan7275

    More people have the 3ds already so they probably know that they'd make more money by making the game for the 3ds and not the Wii U. The WiiU came out in November (I think) so yes a lot of people might of got it during the holidays but a lot probably haven't gotten it yet (like me) but have a 3ds. So the logical reason would be for them to make it for the 3ds since they would get more money off of it since more people have a 3ds than a Wii U

  • #114 IAmRoxas

    Now that I've done some research, I realize that either a RS Remake or Gen 6 are both reasonable answers, but I just really want a Gen 3 remake. A Roxas can dream, can't he?

  • #120 ninetales_fan7275


  • #47 Nindeanwa

    I'm hoping for a gen 3 remake I was playing it on my GBA recently and was thinking "man this would be so much easier if they remade it" seeing as I don't have a DSlite anymore or a SP which would have been equally useful because of the backlight... my house isn't very bright xD

    but I also have high hopes for a gen 6 because of the hints about a new eeveeloution.. unless those were fan fabrications xD either way I'm excited!! :'D

  • #48 CSCz

    Personally, I really want an R/S/E remake because my very first Pokemon game was Sapphire, but I think they're going to make Gen VI personally.

  • #50 pokerocks147

    It cant be gen V because they are still doing the pokemon anime in the unova region. I hope its a ruby and sapphire remake.

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