Pokemon X and Pokemon Y revealed for 3DS, October 2013 release worldwide!

Well, this is it! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the two newest games in the Pokemon series, to be released worldwide in October 2013! They will be released for the Nintendo 3DS and will introduce a new generation of Pokemon, although from the sounds of it, there will be old Pokemon included along with it (unlike Black and White at first).

I'll be adding more screenshots and pictures from the video throughout the day, so stay tuned for more! But, for now, let's take a look at the three new starters that have been confirmed!

Here is also a video with my commentary regarding the official trailer:


  • #179 SpeedingFurret

    This could leave Chespin being a Grass/Dark making him have the upper hand

  • #181 Pearl_Marble

    if chespin was grass/dark, fennekin was fire/psychic and froakie was water/fighting, it would allow each starter to have an advantage over the one that it is usually weak against. Dark beats psychic, psychic beats fighting anbe fighting beats dark. I'm not sure though because of dark type immunities

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  • #182 Rayraythecat

    As Fennikin is a fox pokemon, it will look much better if it was fire/psychic. if they didnt have ninetales, would have been cool for fennikin to evolve to a ninetail (kyubbi) pokemon!

  • #183 SpeedingFurret

    Fennekin can't hit Chespin with psychic types but what you suggested is interesting. It be cool if this was the case having an advantage over the weak type. I do hope they end up giving them signature moves and hopefully putting in dual-type moves. Like Muddy Water = Ground and Water. Steel Wing = Steel and Flying. Just a thought

  • #201 TogekissedKyogre

    Froakie all the way mang! Water luv

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  • #203 waterpokemonlover

    thats totally ok nothing wrong with the starter types

  • #207 Lapras27

    That would be quite something, the only fire/psychic type out there is Victini. 

  • #224 wishfort36

    Quote from ShenronFu »

    Quote from coolsarahkry »

    I like Fennekin the best, seems they are still sticking with Grass, Fire, and Water.

    I like all three about the same (maybe Chespin looks slightly more interesting)! I just hope the Fire-type won't be part fighting again, and we get some cool dual typings going on all of them.

    like in sinnoh

  • #230 hihiwoot

    Quote from ninetales_fan7275 »

    It actually looked like Fennikin had a psychic move going there in the video so maybe it'll be part psychic. Psychic would be better than fire but I don't think that would really mix well... I didn't like how tepig was fighting either, and he was cuter in the beginning XD

    Well, it didn't seem to harm the kirlia so it may have been a move like disable, roar, ect.....

  • #249 NathanosDarkblade

    Really? What I saw was Aerial Ace...


  • #251 NathanosDarkblade

    You think? I have that nasty feeling Chespin is going to be part ground...
     About Fennekin, you're right. And Froakie... I don't know


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  • #256 PrestigeHammer

    If that were true, you'd have the normal fire/water/grass triangle, and maybe also a psychic/ghost/dark kind-of triangle. That would make very dynamic battles: fire beats grass, but dark beats psychic.

  • #257 DrokasMU

    but Dark also beats Ghost =S 

  • #286 ninjapineapple

    most of the time, they don't even follow a set rock paper scissors for secondary types. for Sinnoh it was fighting, steel and ground, not rock, and in Hoenn it was fighting ground and nothing, so it really can be anything. Heres my opinion on the matter= fennekin= fire/psychic, chespin grass/dark, and froakie= water/fighting. from the look of it, the moves they used were psywave, night slash and close combat. of course it could just be a move they are able to use, but Nintendo always is sneaky when it comes to preview trailers.

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  • #290 LockeTheBro

    and hoenn


  • #297 PichuHugz

    Chespin does learn rollout which would make him the single grasstype to learn that move. He could be Grass Rock.

  • #3 ShenronFu

    Starters look pretty cool. Wonder what Chespin is supposed to be :gasp: Can't wait to see the final evolutions!

  • #4 Shhmew

    October seems like forever away... at least I have quite a bit of time to save for a 3DS >.<

  • #9 LoganWilson

    ya same time to save up money cause  know i wont win the contest with my luck

  • #8 Nindeanwa

    Super excited! My birthday is mid-October so I'm going to be getting myself a nice little birthday present x3

    After looking at all the starters again I can see how endearing Chespin and Froakie can be I'm hoping Chespin is a mole-like critter at least then I'll have a harder time choosing fire like everyone else I know has determined they would :P

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