Pokemon X & Y Legendary Names Revealed: Xerneas and Yveltal

The official Pokemon website has been updated this morning, revealing the names of the two legendary Pokemon revealed in the trailer for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The blue one is named Xerneas (ZURR-nee-us) while the red one is named Yveltal (ee-VELL-tall). These names are confirmed for international languages as well.

As if it weren't already obvious before this reveal, the names help confirm that Xerneas is most likely the legendary Pokemon for Pokemon X, while Yveltal is most likely the legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Y.


  • #1 ShenronFu

    Is it: Ex - ERN - eas and Why - VEL - tal?

  • #8 JackMasterAndrew

    The pronunciation is on Serebii.

  • #9 Marriland

    Until Serebii can provide an official source to that, that's just their opinion of how it's pronounced. Keep that in mind.

  • #2 Shhmew

    How to pronounce? O_O

  • #3 ShenronFu

    Yis :grin: I want to know as well...

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  • #4 Shhmew

    Edit: I pronounced them wrong.


    Anyway, I really like Xerneas.

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  • #18 ShenronFu

    Quote from Shhmew »

    Edit: I pronounced them wrong.


    Anyway, I really like Xerneas.

    Everyone just LOOVES Xerneas :angry: Ythingy has gotten no love so far!

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  • #19 Shhmew

    But it has rainbow antlers! :heart: 

  • #21 ShenronFu

    Quote from Shhmew »

    But it has rainbow antlers! Heart 

    Unless they suck up weather and change it's type/attacks type or actually do something instead of looking pretty, I'm getting Ything. Why? Because hipster.

  • #25 SnivySlice


  • #36 ninetales_fan7275

    Yep. NO LUV 4 YOU YTHINGY! jk. there must be SOMEONE out there who wants it XD i still prefer Xerneas though.

  • #43 PhoenixSkully

    I do like Yveltal better :3 I like flying pokemon better than deers... but that's just my opinion. ;)


  • #61 ninetales_fan7275

    I like flying pokemon as well, but I just don't think that it looks too awesome. I like the look of Xerneas more. It's probably grass or psychic (or both). I don't like grass all that much, but I usually go by looks for the legendaries ;) 

  • #5 Pokemon_XD001

    As cool as they sound, they are definitely running out of names, first Croakie, and now this?

  • #31 Jinlee

    I'm not wanting to start a flame-war here, but it's not like Pokemon's been highly creative with all of the names since the beginning. I mean, Mr. Mime, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Geodude, etc. I mean, even the starters were just two words thrown together (Char + Salamander, Squirt Turtle, etc).

    From the sounds of the names (for the legendaries), it seems like they've been inspired from ancient South American Gods or something similar.

  • #37 Shhmew

    I agree with Jinlee, I mean everyone is always complaining that Pokemon is "running out of ideas" but it doesn't seem any different to me. If anything, they're getting more creative. I mean Grimer and Muk were literally piles of sludge. Ekans and Arbok are just a snake and a cobra, spelled backwards. I'm not in ANY way hating on gen I, I'm just saying Pokemon has come a long way and done a great job with the new Pokemon. And it's not fair to say they're "running out of names" or "running out of ideas." Just my two cents.

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  • #6 Shhmew

    I looked it up, officially they're pronounced "ZURR-nee-us" and "ee-VEL-tall"

    So there you go.

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  • #7 Marriland

    Do you have an official site supporting this instead of Serebii? I know they have listed pronunciations, but with no link or anything to back it up.

  • #10 yinyang452

    I'm sure it's right, even if they don't have an official search, the Y legendary is definitely right, because of the name Yvette.

  • #11 Shhmew

    Well I visited a few different sites and they all stated this is the pronunciation, including serebii, and serebii is pretty legit. So I'd say it's safe to assume it's right.

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