2013 International Challenge January: Registration begins January 17th

Unable to make it to the upcoming Pokemon Winter Regional Championships? Well, no need to worry, because registration for the 2013 International Challenge January tournament on the Global Battle Union is set to open from January 17th to January 24th, with the Wi-Fi tournament itself spans from January 25th to January 28th.

The rules are pretty standard, closely following the rules used in the Video Game Championship series. You need to have an account on the Pokemon Global Link and your copy of either Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 registered to your account. Entry is limited to the first 50,000 people that enter, so don't wait until the last minute if you think may may participate!

The full rules and details can be found here. Definitely be sure to check them out! Plus, everyone who registers and ranks in the tournament will receive a Jaboca Berry for their efforts. Additionally, the top 128 players in each age division from North America and the top 128 players in each age division from Europe will receive Championship Points, which are used to qualify for the Pokemon World Championships.


  • #1 Yveltal

    Will you be entering a team, Marriland? I know this may be a silly question. I won't be entering, seeing as I do not have a copy of either W/B or W2/B2, yet.

  • #2 KTower10

    So what exactly does a Joboca Berry do, and why is it so special?

  • #3 SilverLinoone

    I would enter, trouble is, I only got White 2 for Christmas, and my team are only starting to get into Lv. 30s. I also don't have a competitive team yet in Black, which I'm working on making.

  • #4 Nevfx

    Im going to enter with a combination of my team from White 2 and Black 2 I think. Probably wont get far, but i dont care!

  • #5 incognito137

    My pokemon are really good. Got a Lucario, Dragonite, etc. Can't spoil them all. Hopefully I rock this and get that Jaboca berry.

  • #6 KTower10

    I would enter with my team for B2 (Zoroark, Serperior, Lapras, Magmortar, Crobat, Mienshao), but I don't have a good enough Internet connection to compete in Wi-Fi battles.  Plus, I don't really think this specific team would be strong enough to win.

  • #8 GuyDude1337

    Is legendary Pokemon allowed? I read the rules in the link above after I signed up at the Global Link website and I signed up sucessfully..

    Please respond

  • #9 forsale10

    no they are not

  • #10 PrimalDialga79

    hmm.... I might enter depending, but not really for that berry, cos its only worth a lot of money, nothing else. I think I'll compete for the battle points because the championships are really fun, and have better rewards too! ( i think). I've competed b4 and got up to something like 40ish... trust me it feels good to beat another person from around the world, cos u gain some reputation amongst the mass of people entering. :happy: (u'll know when u enter  and beat someone!)

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