Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y

Interested in hearing Marriland's thoughts on Pokemon X and Y? What about throwing in two other big names in the Pokemon community — Let's Player Haydunn and Nugget Bridge's Firestorm — into the mix for a group discussion on the games? Well, look no further, because interviewer and fellow Let's Player Sepharos brings us all together in Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y, where we spend an hour talking about various thoughts and theories surrounding the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Some of the things that we discuss include the possibility of new types, a female evil team leader, downloadable content (DLC), how it will affect the Let's Play community, and much more!

Do you have any interesting theories about Pokemon X and Y? Hey, what are you waiting for, Trainer, go ahead leave a comment with your thoughts and theories on the manner to get in on the discussion!


  • #1 Willex555

    What need's to be said? It's the 6th gen of it's game.

  • #2 Perfection169

    Well, all I know is that there won't make a better pokemon than squirtle!


  • #13 SquirtleShades

    **** straight!

  • #3 Pokechampion

    So cool 4 experts ima watch it later.and r they talking online or together?

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  • #4 ShenronFu

    Saw this posted few days ago in the X & Y forum subsection (here). Did not get much attention :creepy: Shame... I really liked it, is there going to be another one when we have some more information? In two ~months or so maybe?

  • #14 Sephazon

    I tried.

  • #5 Boardozer

    as far as evil teams, we've had general crime, disruption of the natural balance, the destruction and subsequent recreation of the world, and the liberation of pokemon (which later turns to just stealing them to take over the world). maybe the french setting will be an influence? a team of revolutionaries? anarchists?

  • #170 Umbre

    What if, for a change, the Legendary Pokemon is the Bad guy? That'd be an Awesome change of pace. Like Xerneas and Yvetal are trying to protect the wild so they go around attacking people. I think I just convinced myself to buy this game. :P

  • #6 Zyhark

    I might be the only one with this opinion, but I think it's too soon for a new generation of Pokemon games. I mean, 1 year after B2/W2? We all know that means that the WiFi tournaments for B2/W2 will most likely come to an end once Y&X come out. This is kinda a let-down for someone who was late to the party like me. I thought that they'd release a remake in between B2/W2 and gen 6, such as a Ruby/Sapphire remake. But oh well, I suppose it's not the end of the world. At least I'm having a blast with the PWT in my W2.

    I doubt I'm gonna get a gen 6 game, as I don't intend on getting the 3DS just for one game, especially when my DS lite is still working like new. I don't even expect them at this point to make any remakes unless it's strictly for the 3DS.

  • #8 Epitaph_

    I do agree with you in a few aspects. I do wish that they would make a remake of ruby,sapphire, and emerald (sapphire was MY first Pokemon game) and even though I expected a remake before a new generation I do not necessarily think that it is too soon. Black and White 2 didn't add to much in terms of battle aspects, it was mostly just story; and in the area of tournaments, seemed to be exactly the same as black and white.

    As for the not getting a 3ds, I would recommend it, not just for x and y but the games for it such as mario kart, zelda, and paper mario are quite fun, and the e-shop is a cool feature to play some of the retro games. It is a pretty cool system. 

  • #57 Nukilla

    sorry but i have to disagree they should make a new one every year im so hooked from child hood lol and hopefully they will fix the bugs like gravity skydrop and make chatot playable some how. even though i dont want to buy a 3ds because my lite works fine i think it will still be worth it and at least you will be able to trade pokemon to yourself if you dont have any friends to play with my only concern is what will pokegen or sav do i hope it doesnt die as its a huge time saver the old way of training is too long kids today have it to easy lol

  • #140 Joltie

    Actually, the guys touch on this aspect in the video.

  • #143 Zyhark

    Yeah I know. I had wrote that before having finished watching it.

  • #171 eharget0

    I strongly agree with ya there buddy, I feel the exact same way

  • #185 meloetta1890

    i really disagree. i love pokemon and i want a new one to come out every month. i know it's very fast but i can't help it. now the only thing i can think about is pokemon pkemon,pokemon.I wonder whats coming up after these pokemon games

  • #186 Nukilla

    yea i agree every month is a bit much theough one a year would be better also i hope the make a battle royal sytem were you can use 12 pokemon



  • #7 Maxdog800

    Also besides a light type I was thinking of sounds types, and space types

  • #19 fire12697

    that would be so cool maxdog! :3

  • #192 NathanosDarkblade

    Unlikely, because that would mean they would have to change Palkia's type. And that must never happen.


  • #9 UltimateFlygon

    I will miss walking around as a little stub legged 1 square kid T-T.

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