Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y

Interested in hearing Marriland's thoughts on Pokemon X and Y? What about throwing in two other big names in the Pokemon community — Let's Player Haydunn and Nugget Bridge's Firestorm — into the mix for a group discussion on the games? Well, look no further, because interviewer and fellow Let's Player Sepharos brings us all together in Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y, where we spend an hour talking about various thoughts and theories surrounding the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Some of the things that we discuss include the possibility of new types, a female evil team leader, downloadable content (DLC), how it will affect the Let's Play community, and much more!

Do you have any interesting theories about Pokemon X and Y? Hey, what are you waiting for, Trainer, go ahead leave a comment with your thoughts and theories on the manner to get in on the discussion!


  • #59 fire12697

    good point GhostJar

  • #61 Nukilla

    I hope too see new weather like midnight for ghost and dark and eclipse for psychic and battle royal Triple rotation 12 pokemon 9 on field 3 in waiting you could do it by choosing 6 pokemon and have 6 in battle box. I would also like to see your pokemon grow old and die and have a fable approach also you can build and design your own pokemon stadium.

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  • #62 ZodiacPhantom

    The games are aimed at kids though, I doubt they're going to appreciate their pokemon dying, plus what would players do when their strongest pokemon ends up dying? This isn't a nuzlocke...

  • #63 Nukilla

    yea true they could always have a better breeding system like when they reach a certain age ivs always transfer perfect and moves for example so it kinda works like a cloning system also they could live for a long time but yea it is aimed at kids but kids today play call of duty. ive never heard of nuzlocke?


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  • #64 ZodiacPhantom

    Pretty sure kids are playing call of duty because their parents are ignoring what it's rated for, plus not everyone has an interest in games that involve death. also a nuzlocke is when one of your pokemon faint, they are considered dead and must be released. I rather not explain all the rules right now though, just search it up.

  • #67 justastaraptor

    some things i thought of while watching the trailer and the discussion
    . I think maybe a Sound type for the Y looking bird, and Light type for the X deer, the Y bird is the only pokemon except pikachu to make a noise, and the deer has a sort of light behind it when its shown.
    . I think another thing they could bring back is the 2 types of bikes they had like in Gen. 3
    . They definatly need more to do after the game is over like a battle frontier or anoother set of 8 badges i felt myself getting bored quite fast after both gen 5 games.
    . lastly i think you should be able to make TEAMS for online battling maybe of 3 or 5 where all your records are thrown together and you could be entered into team tournements... I would definatly approve of all of these things

  • #69 Perfection169

    I agree with adding more things after the main storyline is over, but maybe you should have the assess to go to the other regions like Heart Gold and Soul Silver instead of more badges in the same region.  But, if you look closely In the Pokemon X and Y trailer, the character is SKATING!  I CAN'T BELIEVE NO ONE NOTICED THAT!  It was true that the designers were planning on using skateboards long ago, but they just let the idea go.... 

  • #75 thelovelybulbasaur

    I heard someone theorize that the skates were used instead of the bike(s) because bike(s) would be harder to animate. It's pretty awesome, I must admit. A nice change of pace.

  • #76 UltimateFlygon

    It was noticed and in Marriland's video that was posted with it.

  • #79 mitchlian

    i agree its time to change types


  • #80 mitchlian

    its kind of funny this pokemon name 

  • #81 mitchlian

    we need more Pokemon game 

  • #82 mitchlian

    i love charmender

  • #88 Pearl_Marble

    I didn't have time to watch the entire thing, but did anyone think that they might start having mystery dungeon style battles? They have the capacity for it in 3d because of  the infinite labyrinth (I forget the English name) mystery dungeon game. I think it might be fun because it would be more realistic and similar to the anime. Although that would make double and triple battles more difficult. 

    Edit: scratch that idea. The Pokémon that were battling were standing on the usual grass circles. It's unlikely that they would be able to move around. 

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  • #83 joshiyoshirulz

    hey marriland do u know how to pronounce the legendary pokemon, so confusing!!! :what:

  • #87 fire12697

    i so agree ZodiacPhantom! :/

  • #89 Perfection169

    I think Xernease is pronouce Zerrnease while Yveltal is pronounced EEveltal? 

  • #91 Cryingcarnivore

    SKATING! FORGET BIKES! CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERS!NO MORE GENERIC MODELS OR STUPID HATS! Seriously though, those are the two things I am looking forward to.Also, I hope they add a pokemon that looks like Ryu from Street Fighter, and has okay special attack to use Haduken- I mean Focus Blast.

  • #92 Perfection169


  • #99 Cryingcarnivore

    Too much? I understand if the Ryu thing is too much. That is a bit far fetched when I think about it now. They would never do a reference like that. Plus, fighting types don't generally have good sp. Atk. (Other than Lucario and Mienshao).


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