Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y

Interested in hearing Marriland's thoughts on Pokemon X and Y? What about throwing in two other big names in the Pokemon community — Let's Player Haydunn and Nugget Bridge's Firestorm — into the mix for a group discussion on the games? Well, look no further, because interviewer and fellow Let's Player Sepharos brings us all together in Let's Discuss: Pokemon X and Y, where we spend an hour talking about various thoughts and theories surrounding the upcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Some of the things that we discuss include the possibility of new types, a female evil team leader, downloadable content (DLC), how it will affect the Let's Play community, and much more!

Do you have any interesting theories about Pokemon X and Y? Hey, what are you waiting for, Trainer, go ahead leave a comment with your thoughts and theories on the manner to get in on the discussion!


  • #141 ShamelessChris

    is it gonna be a whole new area/world or is it an addition?

  • #145 pikachudan10

    Aww, I need to buy a 3DS in order to play Pokemon X and Y. *Sigh* I am so old school, and the future is gonna be so new school. Most likely gonna have a DS called 4DS or something, lol.

  • #146 Tyranitar22

    I hope we can get some other starters like charmander, squirtle, etc.

  • #147 GhostJhar7

    @cryingcarivore i totally agree with the prospect of having new ghost types because ghost types are very interesting and its surprising that they really don't have a lot of them. I feel that it would add to this new region if they were to make a few more ghost types, as well as other types that are scarce like dragon or steel types. Hopefully they've added a few more type differences in the starting routes as well s opposed to the last few regions where there were only either normal, flying, or electric...

  • #148 GhostJhar7

    @tyranitar22 what do you mean by starters like charmander, squirtle, and bulbasaur? If you ask me the only quality starter out of that bunch was charmander... You should probably give this new game a chance because the new starters seem to be pretty cool. hopefully they're a lot better than the last bunch of sorry starters.

  • #151 Tyranitar22

    I never said i do not like this game i really like it actually, i just mean that you could get other starters because 1 starter feels a bit........ Boring

  • #154 GhostJhar7

    Oh ok! that makes a lot more sense and i totally agree! They would probably never allow it until after you beat the game though which kind of sucks but i guess thats how they think the game should be played sadly...


  • #149 GhostJhar7

    @shamelesschris this new game is without a doubt a new region and @ thelovelybulasaur they should definitely come up with more powerful moves for not only dark types but for every type

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  • #150 TogekissedKyogre

    If they were going to try and add some new dynamic to really shake up the series and if the theme IS related to genetics I'm kind of surprised no one brought up the thought of splicing pokemon, like the Black/White Kyrem. I mean it was the most recent kind of oddball fun thing dropped in the game, and it's an idea thats been present since gen 1 with scientists creating mewtwo from mew's dna. Imagine if you could customize pokemon by blending nearly any 2 together... I mean I can't even imagine the kind of coding headache that would ensue for the game designers but what if you could splice charizard with a water pokemon altering it's appearance and giving it access to a water type move such as scald? or maybe even altering it's type, to become a fire/ water instead of fire /flying. I mean how cool would it be to play around with your teams dynamic through a reversible splicing process.

  • #153 thelovelybulbasaur

    At first, I kind of skimmed over this idea, but now that I think about, Pokemon splicing would completely change everything we know about breeding, competitions, moves, types, stats... Pretty much pokemon as a whole. Any tournaments would consist of spliced pokemon... Regular pokemon would become old-fashioned, and possibly thrown to the waste-side. Saying this would shake up the series would be an understatement. Whether its in a good or bad way is up for you to decide.

  • #152 Tyranitar22

    I also hope there are LOTS of new pkmn

  • #155 Bolso3

    I would like to see a Mirror pokemon in Gen 6 which basically can learn all the Mirror-Related moves and can learn copying moves like Copycat etc. As far as the amount of pokemon released goes, I think there will be at least 155.

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  • #156 thelovelybulbasaur

    I'd like to see more pokemon like Shellos and Sawsbuck, with different forms.

    I'd also like to see more animal-looking pokemon. I feel like Unova had a lot more human-shaped pokemon than the other regions, but maybe that's just me.

  • #159 Epitaph_

    Quote from thelovelybulbasaur »

    I'd like to see more pokemon like Shellos and Sawsbuck, with different forms.

    I'd also like to see more animal-looking pokemon. I feel like Unova had a lot more human-shaped pokemon than the other regions, but maybe that's just me.

    I do agree with the idea of more animal like Pokemon, I'm hoping for a wolf-like Pokemon or a Panda-like Pokemon (I don't particularly like Spinda). However, I hope they stop making so many Pokemon with alternate forms, at least for legendaries. At first, the alternate forms with Giratina, Deoxys, and Rotom were really cool, but in Unova virtually every legendary had alternate form(s). So I hope that in this regions the presence of alternate forms are at least less common (again, at least for legendaries).

  • #160 thelovelybulbasaur

    Yeah, I'm tired of the legendaries too... I just liked it in regular pokemon. It gave them identity and variety.

  • #157 UltimateFlygon

    I'd hope for less object based pokemon and more "creatures".  

  • #158 PunchPopFizzin

    X Y and Z are either based on:

    Dimensions, Such as X Y and Z, as C-Framers on ROBLOX out there would understand,

    Or the Body's Systems, a thought by my music teacher: X=(I think he said Muscular?)

    Y=Spinal System


    Just giving a little note. Z will DEFINITELY be relased, and the pokemon are based on shape, too:

    Y looks like the mascot of pokemon Y.

    X looks like the mascot of pokemon X.

    Im thinking with Z it would be a Dragon or snake, but they've already done the Tao Trio. Im also thinking Xerneas might have some connection to Keldeo, Virizion, Terrakion, And Cobalion.

    Theories for  Y Pokemon: His horns are based on a Prism, so as Marriland said, it will either be Light or Psycic. A Fighting- or some other secondary may be added too.

    'He' would appear to be a Dark- Flying- Type, and if he wasn't a legend, i'd go all out with him, because the whole Lagging tail>Switcheroo>Acrobatics idea seems good. They both seem based on Light;

    Prism and a dark glowing form,giving me the idea of Evil and Hero type thing, et cetra. I also see a lot of concepts about the good and evil turned into Order and Chaos,Which would be cool; If you chose the chaos version, you'd raid the enemy's fort, as they try to take over the world.

    If you chose Order, you'd have to stop the enemy from unleashing the Chaos pokemon's powers, Creating a hole in the distortion world, then allying with Giritina, while the Order teams with Arceus or something like that. This comment is WAYYYYYY too long, i know.




  • #161 eharget0

    Well, seeing that it was made for only 3ds was a big let-down for me :/ it'd be much better and nintendo would have made a gr8 bundle of cash if the game was made for both 3ds AND ds so that the ppl who prefer 2-d rather than 3-d can still enjoy the game, and vice versa. Also, many ppl don't have access to a 3ds and by buying a 3ds just to play one game is a outrageous idea to me :I soooo yea...

  • #162 thelovelybulbasaur

    How about a Dolphin pokemon? Squid pokemon? 

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