Keldeo Wi-Fi Distribution for Black 2 and White 2, Jan. 25th - Feb. 12th

Missed out on your chance to get the mythical Pokemon Keldeo back in September and October? Or are you just eager to get another one? Well, you're in luck, because from January 25th until February 12th, you'll be able to receive a Keldeo over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in all international versions of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2!

This Keldeo is at level 50 and comes with the moves Sacred Sword, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, and Swords Dance. You can take Keldeo to the Pledge Grove behind Alder's house in Floccesy Town in order to teach it its hidden move, Secret Sword, which transforms it into its Resolute Forme as long as it knows that move.

You can find out more information on how to receive the Keldeo from Wi-Fi over at the official website.


  • #1 SnorThePokeFreak

    To bad I missed the other Keldeo event, but now I have another chance of getting one! Can't wait to get it :grin:

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  • #2 latios1997


  • #3 MiguelMinunPlusle

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh Cant wait to get Keldeo,Already have Virizion level 97 and Terrakion. :happy: 

  • #4 Shaine350

    This is FANTASTIC!!! news!!

  • #5 Pearl_Marble

    Yay! I'll have two now, so maybe I'll try to trade one of them for another event Pokémon I don't have. :D

  • #6 Perfection169

    .........Wow, another one.  Its just not the same to get another one in my opinion.  They should have one for JIRACHI! anyone with me?

  • #7 SnorThePokeFreak

    Yeah I am. They should have all the original events like what they had for the older games and give those events to BW2:happy:

  • #8 Tentacruel

    woo! :D now what they need to give are FEAR rattata! XD

  • #9 latios1997

    should do a distribution event which involves deoxys . dont think very many people got him


  • #10 Perfection169

    Nice joke. But the people who use that strategy are wimps in my opinion.  I'm sorry, but its true 

    Last edited by Perfection169: 1/22/2013 3:08:15 PM
  • #11 Quaza123

    They should do a Zekrom/Reshiram/Kyruem Event so that you can fuse them without loosing Zekrom and Reshiram.

  • #12 Finnick

    I remember I used Keldeo on my first team in BW2. But then I set a new file and didn't realize that Keldeo was still on.

  • #13 bombe32

    Good news! Keldeo wasn't being distributed in my area so getting it now is very welcome.

  • #14 latios1997

    shame its level 50... i would've preffered levele 1 so its more fun

  • #42 devansh287

    It is pretty annoying to raise it from level 1. More time waste.

  • #56 latios1997

    but if you're a pokemon fan then no, its not a time waste

  • #74 devansh287

    But it is better to start using it from the moment you get it than waiting for a long time for it to be usable in the game... unless you are around the 8th badge and above

  • #94 SnivySlice

    but you would get better experience & EV's for it

  • #98 Master_Blaziken

    you can EV train @ any lv. in gen 5 anyway, so higher level events should be distributed in my opinion.

  • #15 Yoshums

    Well! I can finally get Keldeo! Thank Arceus it will be a Wi-Fi distribution. :)
    It was a pain to find a videogame store to get it in my country in october... x_x (In the end, there was no distribution in my country. Baws. :/)

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