Get Meloetta at Gamestop starting March 4th in North America

It's about time! North American Pokémon fans are finally able to get the 648th Pokémon, Meloetta, at participating Gamestop stores from March 4th onwards! Additionally, select EB Games in Canada start the event on March 9th. This marks the first time that Meloetta has been released outside of Japan, so collectors and Pokémon fans trying to complete their Pokédex will finally have access to the musical Pokémon. No word yet on when Meloetta will be made available in Europe and Australia, though.

You can receive Meloetta on Pokémon Black, Pokémon White, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. All you need to do is select Mystery Gift from the main menu, then Receive via Wireless while at a participating Gamestop store and you'll download the Wonder Card for Meloetta, which you can then pick up from the Pokémon Center by talking to the man in blue. Keep in mind that this event is still one month away, so you won't be able to receive it until then!

UPDATE: Added details about the event taking place in EB Games stores throughout Canada, starting March 9th.


  • #17 KakuraGV

    Now its just to wait till it is released in Norway for me then. Yay I love waiting *sarcasm*

  • #19 RunawayRockstar

    I can't wait!!!! It sucks I have to wait till march 9th though.

  • #20 Volcarona920

    I can't wait. I can now have a Meloetta. I've been waiting since I got the game for a Meloetta event. The thing that sucks is that I need to wait until March 4. And find time when I don't have a lot of homework. :happy:

  • #22 eharget0

    Are events always going to be like this; where you have to travel on down to Gamestop or any other retail game store to download a event pkmn to your game? O_o it'd be much better if everyone could just download event pkmn nintendo via wireless, to save gas and other means of transportation lol times getting hard out here in the world xD

  • #23 SnorThePokeFreak

    I can't wait to get it! :aww:

  • #24 ikbik

    I think it's awesome I just bought the game

  • #25 Dragonite1165


  • #27 Perfection169

    Wow.....a meloetta....

  • #28 bestZekromaster

    its finally here now i can become the unbeable trainer when i meet you guys be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • #30 Star

    Doe someone now where I can find the list of participation gamestop? I now there must be one in my city but I don't know if it participate.

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