The next "Eeveelution," Sylveon, revealed internationally! has updated earlier this morning with a big update: they have officially unveiled the newest evolution of Eevee, Sylveon! This new Pokémon was recently revealed in the Japanese CoroCoro magazine by its Japanese name, Ninfia, although we now can see its names in all of the major languages. Additionally, the update contains screenshots of Sylveon in battle, as well as a video showcasing its moves!

While its height and weight have been confirmed as 3' 3" and 51.8 lbs. respectively, its type and how you obtain it are still shrouded in mystery.

Here are some screenshots of Sylveon in action:


Additionally, today's European Nintendo Direct broadcast has confirmed the release date of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity for Europe: May 17th! Still no word yet on the Australian release date, though.



  • #1 SquirtleShades

    The variety of moves shown is interesting. It looked like Swfit, Charge(?), and a possible fire type move?

  • #3 Shhmew

    Maybe that fiery beam thing is Hyper Beam. If so, it's using what looks like Swift, Trump Card, and Hyper Beam. (I still can't figure out what that electricy one is). And those are all normal type moves... So maybe it really is normal type. o.o

  • #6 kingofthekarps

    I really hope so. I've been saying it's a normal type the whole time and if what you say is true then I think you support all of us who are behind it. Thanks man :)

  • #2 Zarif1230

    I want it

  • #4 GrumpyEugene

    The movement of those ribbons is hypnotic.

  • #5 mulle1471

    I think its a normal type :what:

  • #7 tyriel85

    Would be interesting to give Eevee a Evolution besides Happiness and stones. 

  • #8 Pokeon

    I really do think that Sylveon is a normal-type Pokemon. It also looks like a mystical-like Pokemon. Could it be a Dragon? Also, couldn't it be a dual-type? Generation 6 looks like it will break somethings, maybe a dual-type Eeveelutions. If it is a dual-type and it feels like a flying-normal-type Pokemon.       At first I didn't like the design, but now I really think this one looks very unique of the Eeveelutions. I think that the Dawn or Shiny Stone will be required to evolve it, actually.

  • #9 SilverLinoone

    Flying Type in my opinion. It looks like it could glide or something.

  • #10 incognito137

    Flying, fighting, or steel type definitely.

  • #37 Master_Blaziken

    Quote from incognito137 »

    Flying, fighting, or steel type definitely.


  • #11 AdmiralGallade

    Sylveon's name could be based off of the sylph, which is an air elemental closely related to faeries. Sylphs are also exclusively female, which could make getting this Eeveelution a big pain in the rear if they are really using that mythical creature as basis.

  • #14 ninjapikachu101

    It could also be based on nymphs, because its French name is Nymphali.  Also, female Eevees aren't that hard to obtain, from my experience

  • #35 SetsunaFSeiei

    Quote from ninjapikachu101 »

    It could also be based on nymphs, because its French name is Nymphali.  Also, female Eevees aren't that hard to obtain, from my experience

    Actually, there is only a 25% chance of female Eevees appearing. Sometimes it's near impossible to get one if you're unlucky.

  • #60 deded55

    12.5% or 1 in 8. Sorry for being so picky

  • #12 Gulls

    It is cute and I can't wait to train one.

    Oddly reminds me of Milotic, which is another of my favorites.

    I can't say I'll like the style of the world/characters, as I'm not a fan of 3D graphics, but the style of the Pokemon in battle and Pokemon like Fennekin and Sylveon certainly have me ready for this gen.


  • #17 Umbre

    `I was just about to say it reminded me of Milotic. I hope it's a flying type though. That'd be awesome.

  • #15 eharget0

    Aw great :D a new eevee evolution ..... just hope its NOT  another normal/flying type -_- thatll be just what we need -sarcastic- lol

  • #16 Wiggler

    Looks flying to me.

  • #18 awsomeman4116

    Its name is Sylveon. It might be named after the word 'silver', so I think it will be a Steel type Pokemon.

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