Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade and Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice on Pokémon TV!

Pokémon TV has gotten a lot more awesome! First and foremost, you can now download the Pokémon TV app from either the Apple App Store or from Google's Play Store to watch a variety of Pokémon TV episodes from the comfort of your mobile device or tablet. That is definitely pretty great and worth checking out!

The recent Pokémon Movie, Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice, featuring Keldeo and Kyurem, is available for a limited time on Pokémon TV. You can watch it on the official website or on the aforementioned app, but only until February 18th, so if you want a free screening of Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice, now is your chance to watch it!

Not only that, but Pokémon TV is also featuring the never-before-released-in-English Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade short feature, starring the Pokémon Meloetta. The Japanese releases of movies are usually accompanied by a short feature before the movie airs, similar to how Pikachu's Vacation from Pokémon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back was way back. A lot of these shorts haven't been released outside of Japan, so it is great to see Pokémon stepping up and releasing the Meloetta's Moonlight Serenade short. You can watch it on Pokémon TV at your leisure until March 24th.

Also be sure to check out this week's Pokémon Update from Curse, which talks a bit about the newest Eevee evolution, Sylveon! You can watch the video on YouTube by clicking the image above.


  • #1 Pinny

    I just watched Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice, and I'm sorry to say that I was really underwhelmed with it's story, compared to earlier pokemon movies, like the first one.

    spoiler/summary  about/of  the story below

    Really, Rash Keldeo challenges good guy Kyurem to battle, gets his friends frozen, runs, kyurem gets mad for god knows why, chases keldeo around, keldeo mans up, fights kyurem, friends get unfrozen, keldeo gets defeated, kyurem doesnt murder him, everyone is friend with one another.


    Not impressed, sadly. I was hoping I'd have more fun watching this.

    There was not even a villain in the movie.

    Also, why did Kyurem try to kill Iris, and how did she survive falling to her death while in a stolen blimp?

    Last edited by Pinny: 2/15/2013 5:34:03 PM
  • #2 coolsarahkry

    Huge thanks, Marriland! Now I can watch the movie. I'm going to go make some popcorn.

  • #5 Finnick

    They should make a Kyruem event.

  • #7 Volcarona920

    Not trying to sound mean or anything but it would be pointless to do a Kyruem event when you can catch it in Black and White 2.

  • #6 thedragonite

    I think that Sylveon used trump card, flash cannon,  recover, and swift in the video, so I think Sylveon is a steel or normal type.

  • #8 incognito137

    If its steel type, I think it will evolve with the metal detector. If it is normal type, I think it will evolve NORMALLY. If its fighting type, I think it will have to learn a move for it to evolve. If it is flying type...I have no clue.

  • #9 thedragonite

    I wish they would just tell us what type Sylveon is!!

  • #10 Foxstream

    I saw the movie. I was getting annoyed with the site but i managed to finish watching it. I was pleased as the voice of Keldeo was familiar. And I love there was no adult to be found in that entire movie it was nice to see keldeo in action. I also saw the meloetta special and didn't know how to act with all the pokemon from previous gens in it. overall it was good

  • #11 Perfection169

    Is it me, or does Keldeo act like Sonic

    I don't watch sonic anymore (since I was 4) but the way keldeo acts and the voice is like sonic.

  • #12 Awesome_Typhlosion

    Hello everybody.  I, Awesome_Typhlosion, am the same person as benluke.  The login system stopped accepting my information, so I was forced to create a new account in order to be able to continue to post stuff and whatnot.  Unfortunately, this means there will be no more posts from the benluke account, but the same guy will continue to post stuff under this account.  Oh well.

    Thank you to Master_Blaziken for giving me the spacing idea.

    In case you're wondering about my name, TYPHLOSION ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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  • #13 ratrace2thegame

    That movie was sort of a waste of time compared to the originals. Also about Sylveon im guessing again what it  might be so mabe Normal, Steel, dragon, rock, fighting , flying , ghost or ground. geeezz I type a lot.

  • #14 thedragonite

    I saw the movie. It wasn't bad, but there have been better pokemon movies.

    Last edited by thedragonite: 2/19/2013 3:57:23 PM
  • #15 ultramike77

    I didn't like the movie. The reason for it is because 1. the voices sucked 2. I dislike 5th gen anime over all 3. Needs more magikarp.

  • #18 Awesome_Typhlosion

    Quote from ultramike77 »

    I didn't like the movie. The reason for it is because 1. the voices sucked 2. I dislike 5th gen anime over all 3. Needs more magikarp.

    Hahaha about the Magikarp. Those dudes actually are pretty funny, being so weak and all.

    Gen V is my least favorite gen too.  It's getting way too modern and techy and stuff.  Gen IV was much better, especially HGSS, my favorite Pokemon games so far.

  • #16 Arceus_all_the_way

    I agree it wasn't that good.

  • #19 someonex3

    sylveon is the new fairy type. eevee is normal already, and espeon is psychic. i don't undestand why people think it is flying, fighting or steel type unless you haven't seen the picture or heard of the new type, plus don't judge a pokemons type by moves. did you know meowth can use thunderbolt? i wonder how many people will think meowth is electric type.

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