New Mewtwo form in upcoming Genesect movie?

Images of more promotional posters for the upcoming Pokémon movie, Godspeed/ExtremeSpeed Genesect and the Reawakening of Mewtwo, have been posted to the Japanese message board, 2ch. The exciting thing about these posters is that they show a new form for Mewtwo.


Two images were posted showing off the new form, which you can see above. While these have yet to be confirmed, checking out the Japanese Pokémon Movie website shows a suspicious empty space beneath Mewtwo while showing Genesect's alternate forms (the different Drives for it).

It appears that the two hexagons beneath Mewtwo are meant to include its alternate form once it is officially revealed. The fact that there are two hexagons beneath Mewtwo may perhaps indicate that Mewtwo will receive a second alternate form in addition to the one shown above, although this is solely speculation stemming from the fact there are two hexagons beneath Mewtwo positioned similarly to the four rectangles beneath the Red Genesect, which show off Genesect's alternate forms.

It's still possible this could be a hoax, as it is yet to be confirmed, but the fact that the official movie website shows that extra space beneath Mewtwo suggests that it may indeed be true.

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  • #1 fineas_99

    new form for mewtwo??wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last edited by fineas_99: 4/3/2013 12:08:55 PM
  • #2 Zarif1230


  • #3 SilverLinoone


  • #4 Dyingyoshi

    May be true.Maybe that is what they are going to reveal on  saturday .I hope not :/.Cause  i don't really like the new form of mewtwo that is shown because it is a bit to plain, though i want to see him full not just hiding behind ash and others...

    Last edited by Dyingyoshi: 4/3/2013 1:09:17 PM
  • #5 NovaxUltimo

    new form mewtwo I LOOOOOOOVE IT :D

  • #6 jj626200

    That looks kinda cool. Look'n forward to this.

  • #7 magicalobeseunicorn

    Wuuuu~ it looks too overly done! D:

  • #8 ryguy3399

    Mewthree maybe not just a fanart thing anymore.

  • #9 Bubbacca

    It shows the black and white logos, along with the black2 and white2 logos. It might mean a new form for Mewtwo in those games, but I serioulsy doubt it- if it was true hackers would have already found the new form and they would have figured out how to get it. It might just mean there is an event for MewTwo, but I would prefer a Shiny Genesect... XD

  • #10 sexylexy101

    its bs you can watch the trailer on you tube but there in japanese  mew too is in it but he looks the same

  • #11 Ownege75

    I get the feeling that this will be part of the "big news" coming on Saturday

  • #12 ryguy3399

    Like a lot of trailers they don't want to spoil everything, but you never know till it comes out.

  • #13 MissMinccino

    Ya maybe it is Mewthree! It makes sense. Mew (1) Mewtwo (2) Mewthree (3)! That would be super cool! I like Mew, Mewtwo looks pretty nice, but sadly, the possible other Mewtwo form looks a leeeeeetle too, well, non-pokemon-ish. That still would be awesome to add another Mew-thing to our Pokedex. Looks exciting!

  • #14 MissMinccino

    Tee hee hee! That possible Mewtwo form has buck tooth in the first image! Hee hee! He looks lak uh bee doof! Hahaha.. Ok enough laughing now. Just gotta stop.. *Giggle* looking at 'is bee-doof tooth! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, okay. Sorry. I'm just a little bored. Haah.... huh huh...

    Last edited by MissMinccino: 4/3/2013 2:37:08 PM
  • #15 ryguy3399

    I disagree with MissMinccino, it looks like Pokemon, I feel bad for the people that give real updates (this might not be real thou) and people say oh this isn't Pokemon, what is Pokemon, from awesome Charizard to Muk, to Swampert and Swalot. Pokemon shouldn't be classified as non Pokemon. People complain when Pokemon become too similar. And if that gets fixed people complain it doesn't look not Pokemony. What is Pokemon? Pokemon is a game that inspired me to be creative been a fan for over 7 years now and guess what. Ever gen has their bad Pokemon but it keeps me happy that this is still going as a company and they still have ideas no matter how many people complain about the new ones. What would you say if Muk came out in 5th and Trubish in 1st. Well Trubbish is actually together while Muk is well Muck. Sorry but this has made me mad about many people.

    Last edited by ryguy3399: 4/3/2013 2:55:51 PM
  • #17 MissMinccino

    Jeepers. Soz man. I know what Pokemon is. I just agreed with magicalobeseunicorn. I didn't wanna cause trouble. Just posting my opinion. And no, this is not the part where the little girl stomps off and says "I doh wanna be your friend anymore! Wahh!!!". That's your opinion, and I have mine and thats fine. I just like having a laugh and giving out my opinion. Thanks. :)

  • #16 LeafeonFoever

    Cool! A new Mewtwo form! It looks cool, I would like to see it full, because right now to me, it looks like a floating big head.

  • #18 ryguy3399

    Well I am asking, what would you think if Muk was just introduced, you would probably think differently because it is first gen.

  • #19 Dyingyoshi

    I say it is fake until it isn't approved by game freak :D

  • #20 OshawattLand

    I think that it won't just be a new form, it will be a new pokemon altogether. MewThree maybe. The new evil team could've made another clone of mew. It makes the Mew Trio.

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