Pokémon Update: Marriland T-Shirts, E3 Coverage, and Community Features!

It's been a bit of a slow news week, which isn't surprising, given most of the big news will likely be happening in just over a week at E3. However, Jess gives you the run down on some of the other going-ons of the past week, as well as some community features from the talent of the interwebs, including the best prom proposal ever, a sweet trailer for Pokémon Snap: The Movie (well, we wish!), and some Weird Pokémon Facts and Trivia.

Plus we're going to soon be offering official Marriland T-Shirts within the next couple of weeks!

Sounds fun, right? Well, the full videos can be found ahead (behind the "Read More" button if you're on the front page). Enjoy!

Best Prom Proposal Ever by ThePikaWu

Pokémon Snap: The Movie Trailer (well, we wish!) by GrittyReboots

Weird Pokémon Facts and Trivia #1 by NintendoFanFTW

Did you enjoy these videos? Be sure to give 'em a thumbs up if so, because that's just a nice thing to do!

Do YOU make cool Pokémon videos like these and want to have your videos featured on Marriland.com? Well, as long as they're good enough quality, leave a comment with a link/embed to your video (make sure it's family-friendly, so minimal swearing, violence, etc.) that has a link to Marriland.com somewhere in the description and we might just feature it!

We also love to feature our Union for Gamers partners! What's Union for Gamers? It's Curse's own YouTube partnership program, where you are able to receive partner benefits for your YouTube channel, such as monetization and custom thumbnails. You need to have at least 1000 subscribers and a steady stream of views coming in, but if you meet those requirements, you should definitely check out Union for Gamers to get a partnership! (That's who I, Marriland, am proudly partnered with!)


  • #1 Awesome_Typhlosion

    First to make a post!!!!!

  • #2 Awesome_Typhlosion

    Those videos were pretty sweet. The Kabutops theory is very intriguing. . . . 

  • #3 darklyeclipse

    This was so cool! The prom proposal was cute. I think that movie shows just how dangerous Pokemon would be in real life.

    Awesome typhlosion, that may count as double posting! 

    Last edited by darklyeclipse: 6/3/2013 6:14:10 PM
  • #12 Awesome_Typhlosion

    Ah, who cares? I had to post first thing before I even looked at the videos or had anything to say about them. Then when I did see them, I had to post about them.

  • #4 meowth900

    Man that girl's so lucky. I'd love to have a guy ask me out in an Ash Ketchum suit

  • #5 Rexandace100

    Lol. That pokemon prom thing was also shows in Smosh Pit Weekly.

  • #6 spyball

    Hey, Marriland. I'm waiting to get Pokemon X and Y. And I'm a big fan of yours.

  • #7 mzamora60

    (Laugh) I've enjoyed every minute of those shows, absolutely love Marriland.

  • #8 SilphCoParth

    Marriland I have been watching you since diamond.I would love to get a Marriland shirt and If I am really lucky a 3ds

  • #9 PokeKing1972

    i think the guy who did the prom thing has some really big balls for doing that! there must be some school jocks who will give him a hard time for that, but at least he got a prom date. ESPECIALLY WITH A POKEMON THEME. THAT'S FRICKEN EPIC!!!

  • #10 kreticos00

    SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY....... Looking at all aspects of pokemon  what pokemon is better Krookodile or Bisharp stat and looks wise MUST PICK ONE OR THE OTHER

  • #13 Awesome_Typhlosion

    Bisharp. But Krookodile is far from bad. Do you want a Steel type or a Ground type?

  • #11 unidrago

    Could you ask about the town or city we will be starting start?

  • #14 ratrace2thegame

    sweet videos

  • #15 jorgeparada

    I will definitely buy this shirts

  • #16 DuosionExplosion

    Wow.  All this stuff is so cool... This is why I love Marriland!

  • #17 kreticos00

    Ask about starter evolutions and types

  • #18 Zefzed14

    Who won the giveaway?


  • #19 thedragonite

    Hey Jess, (if it's not to late) could you ask

    - the names of gym leaders, elite four members and the champion

    -the names of the evolved forms of the starters and what they look like( get a picture if you can)

    -any other pokemon

  • #20 Ascer20

    I have been wanting to talk to marriland for some time... I don't know how to talk to him though. Anyways firstly it is about the super effective hit of fairy types. We cannot be certain that fairy is x1 damage against dark and flying as it may well have been doing x4 against hydreigon. Moreover am I the only person that noticed that the level 50 froakie has ridiculously low HP... in terms of base hp stat it could be around 35 which i think is the lowest of any starter ever... In addition to this it learns quick attack which implies it will have high speed but what do you think about these things... If you want to know more of my speculations you can mail me...

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