Pokémon Update: Australian Nationals, Awakened Mewtwo trailer & more

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June has come and gone, and now Jess is here with the first Pokémon Update of July! This week's Pokémon Update will get you caught up with some of the stories of last week, including the Australian Pokémon National Championships, a special new trailer for Awakened Mewtwo, as well as a cool video tutorial on How to EV Train by TamashiiHiroka. Be sure to check it out!

Also, if you're reading this on the front page, you can click the "Read More" button to see the two videos mentioned above. Enjoy, and happy July, everyone!

Reawakening of Mewtwo Trailer

How to EV Train Your Pokémon by TamashiiHiroka

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  • #1 Finnick
    I just noticed how much Jess and TamashiiiHiroka look alike... o.o

    Anyway, the Mewtwo movie looks cool. I can't wait until it comes out in the US! :D
  • #9 MagnificentManatee
    OMG you're right! They actually do O.o

  • #3 pokemonbgc2727
    lol they do look a like lol That movie is going to be crazy! Also if your in United States 6/30/13 a.k.a. last Saturday you see N and the red Genesect. cool :) Marriland,Jess and Curse A big THank YoU for all the time and afford you put into this thank you :). Mewtwo and Extremespeed Genesect. ←←← read that with a epic voice. lol
  • #4 Cami

    Awakened Mewtwo... because Mewtwo wasn't strong enough already... ;~; Well, I'm excited for this movie anyway!

  • #5 Lily_5_5_5_9

    The movie looks awesome! Awakened Mewtwo looks as it can only come out if Mewtwo is almost fainted. Doesn't the Pokemon Ranger look familiar or is it only me?  

  • #6 Awesome_Typhlosion

    The Ranger is Virgil, remember, from the TV show. He won the Unova League and has every single Eeveelution not including Sylveon, and an Eevee itself.

    Last edited by Awesome_Typhlosion: 7/2/2013 2:53:50 PM
  • #7 Lily_5_5_5_9

    Thanks, it has been bothering me. 

  • #8 XeroDragon36

    I really liked the ev video thanks. When I got my first pokemon with pokerus years ago I had no idea what it did. Thankfully I have a raichu that can spread it to anything I want :). The movie looks exiting too.

  • #10 Dragonite905

    Ok, now I finally know what EV training is! And can't wait for the movie!!! I haven't gotten a Shiny Dratini/Gible yet so I can train them!  The Mewtwo Trailer was glitching out so I couldn't read it!


    Last edited by Dragonite905: 7/5/2013 6:46:12 AM
  • #11 Kevin_Baba

    When is the new update coming? It has been a couple of days now that a new pokemon was released but here it isn't updated.. How come?

    It's a steel/ghost type pokemon called Honedge and it has the shape of a sword. Actually it IS a sword :)

  • #12 Marriland

    Yes, sorry about that, Pokemon picked a very poor time to release a new Pokemon. Not only was it the 4th of July, but I was gone from Thursday to Sunday at the US Pokemon National Championships and wasn't able to make an update outside of Twitter.

    I'll have the revealed info on Honedge up very soon in today's Pokemon Update and then on several subsequent news posts.

  • #13 Kevin_Baba

    Awesome! Can't wait! You guys do a very good job! Keep it up :)

  • #14 14253

    I can't for pokemon x and y

  • #15 Dragonite905

    When is Pokémon going to release the Evolution Chain of Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie? I want to know so I can nickname my Fennekin when I get Pokémon Y! I'm thinking of naming it 'Fynx' (which is Fennekin in German for those who didn't know) but I'm not sure if I should! Reply when you figure out, Marriland!


  • #16 Kevin_Baba

    Everyone wants to know that but unfortunately nobody does. Maybe it'll be August 12 because i've read somewhere that CoroCoro is going to release a whole bunch of Pokemon X & Y so all everyone can do is wait :)

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