Pokémon Direct for X & Y info set for Sept. 4 internationally!

It looks like there's some big news for Pokémon X & Y to be unveiled in just a few hours! Yes, that's right, for the first time since the initial announcement of Pokémon X & Y in January, there will be a special worldwide Pokémon Direct broadcast presented by President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata.

You'll be able to watch the Pokémon Direct broadcast on Nintendo.com's Nintendo Direct page, live at the following times worldwide (all on September 4th):

Time Zone Time Time Zone Time
Pacific Time 4:00am British Time 12:00pm
Mountain Time 5:00am Central European 1:00pm
Central Time 6:00am Eastern European 2:00pm
Eastern Time 7:00am Australian Western 7:00pm
Japan Time 8:00pm Australian Eastern 9:00pm
Don't see your time zone? You can enter your location on this page to find out when it is for you! Just use the above list as a reference point.

While the contents of the announcement are unknown, it's likely to be something very large, given the fact that it is a highly coordinated announcement. It also is being made ahead of this month's usual CoroCoro leaks, suggesting that they may want to preempt whatever big news is in there.

I'll be sure to provide an update shortly after the announcement is over, but you can also follow me on Twitter, where I will be live tweeting my reactions to whatever news is revealed!

What do you think the big news will be? Is there anything specific you're hoping to hear? Let us all know in the comments!


  • #1 Shadow_Eevee
    Stater evolutions!Or a brand new feature.
  • #11 Renaki05

    Quote from thepokemongirl »

    Stater evolutions!Or a brand new feature.

    I hope it'll be the starter evolutions and their types, too-they've kept us in the dark about that for WAY too long ^ ^;

    That and maybe some other big news like how to transfer our Gen 5 Pokemon over to Gen 6 :3

  • #2 PokemonFanFTW

    So Excited! Gonna Wake Up At 6!

    Last edited by PokemonFanFTW: 9/3/2013 8:29:31 PM
  • #3 JacksPokemon

    Oh yeah, the perfect timing to reveal it, the day smack after my birthday! Not happy about that, but still ready to see what it is.

  • #5 josiepie8

    its your b-day? its mine also. happy b-day!

  • #6 JacksPokemon

    Quote from josiepie8 »

    its your b-day? its mine also. happy b-day!

    Oh, happy birthday too you too! Do you feel the same way as me about the announcement being right before our birthdays? That really stresses me out, you?

  • #21 Arya_12

    Oh happy birthday. :3

  • #29 josiepie8

    You to? I thought i  was the only one because i also woke up at six yesterday.

  • #4 ThePokemonTrainer


    I'm only in high school. Somebody best send me all the details if Serebii doesn't have it up by the time. Unless the direct only lasts about 30 or so minutes, I won't be able to watch it in full.

  • #18 dnomy

    I hope it goes on youtube. If not, there's jwittz.

  • #31 josiepie8

    theres always jwittz

  • #7 Giron_

    Well, I'll be home before then, (cause I live in QLD, with AEST - GMT +10). btw, just wondering, what countries have Daylight Saving right now?

    EDIT: Oh wait, it's Spring here, so it's Autumn up north. No DT.

    Last edited by Giron_: 9/3/2013 8:45:30 PM
  • #8 PokemonFanFTW

    Happy Birthday To You Guys! If You Can, Check Out The Quest!

  • #9 SkittyRiolu

    :O No way! I'm definitley gonna be there. 

    @Jacks and Joseph: Happy birthday!

  • #32 josiepie8

    the funny thing about your username is in pokemon mystery dungeon im a skitty and my partner is rioulu

  • #33 SkittyRiolu


    Quote from josiepie8 »

    the funny thing about your username is in pokemon mystery dungeon im a skitty and my partner is rioulu

    Oh that's funny! I'm a Skitty also, but my partner is a Pikachu.

  • #10 veenee

    i hope its the list of the new pokemon we're going to meet in october.. I just want to see the new gang now!

  • #12 Lexni

    Darn 5am for me. I SO want to see it, but I need to sleep for my classes or I will be a zombie. x.x

  • #13 gavingavin123

    Probably Starter evos

  • #14 TheWhiteLugia

    I bet it's Orotto that they're gonna reveal! 

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