Kalos Region

Above is a map of Kalos, the new region in Pokémon X & Y. It is a region with a variety of different terrain, including a snowy area, plenty of mountains, a fiery desert, and the bustling Lumiose City smack dab in the middle of it.

Kalos is based off of the real-world France, having a similar shape and features, while Lumiose City is based off of Paris, the capitol of France.

NOTE: Since a lot of the locations shown do not yet have confirmed names, I've given silly little nicknames to some of the locations. Any location with "quotes" around it is NOT its official name and is just a nickname to help me explain the location to you.

Cities and Towns

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Vaniville Town

Vaniville Town is the starting town in the Kalos Region, where the player character just moved to and where the player meets four of their friends.

There are two gates in town that you must head through in order to leave the town.

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Santalune City

Santalune City is the town shown in the Pokémon X & Y gameplay trailer where the player character sits down on a bench.

It contains a Gym as well as several other buildings. There is a Roselia fountain in the middle of town. It connects to Route 3 from the southern part of town.

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Lumiose City

Lumiose City is a booming metropolis in the center of the Kalos region. It is based off of Paris, France, and it has a large tower in the middle of it reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower.

It connects to Route 5, among other unspecified locations.

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Santalune Gym

Santalune Gym is the first Gym in the game, found in Santalune City. It can be seen in the first Pokémon X & Y trailer.

Its Gym Leader is Viola, who specializes in Bug-type Pokémon.

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"Star Gym"

"Star Gym" is a nickname given to one of the Gyms shown in the first Pokémon X & Y trailer. This is not its official name and is simply a nickname.

Not much is known about this Gym, although it is shown in the trailer to transform into the insides of a house.

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Route 1

Route 1 is the first numbered route in the Kalos region. It is presumably the first route the player will be able to access.

While its location in Kalos is unknown, by studying the gameplay trailer footage where a Chespin battles a level 2 Fletchling, it can be assumed that this low-level route has no forests around it and a few scattered fences.

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Route 2

Route 2 is the second numbered route in the Kalos region.

While its exact location is presently unconfirmed, it is likely to be outside of a forest. There is also a river near the southern part of the route.

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Route 3

Route 3 is the third numbered route in the Kalos region.

It can be found just to the southeast of Santalune City, as shown in one of the screenshots showing the sign for Route 3 outside of the walled town that matches the overall look of Santalune City.

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Route 5

Route 5 is the fifth numbered route in the Kalos region.

Nothing is currently known about Route 5 other than the fact that it connects to Lumiose City, as shown in the gameplay trailer.

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Other Locations

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Santalune Forest

Santalune Forest is a forest that separates Santalune City in the north from Vaniville Town in the south. The player character heads through the forest with their friends, pairing up with Shauna to travel through.

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"Royal Palace"

"Royal Palace" is a nickname given to the location shown in the first Pokémon X & Y trailer. This is not its official name and is simply a nickname.

The statue in the background appears to show a knight with a Golurk, a Palpitoad, and an Eevee on it. Dratini can also be seen adorning the sides of the manor.

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"Pod Canyon"

"Pod Canyon" is a nickname given to the location shown in the Pokémon X & Y gameplay trailer where there are numerous pods inside of a wasteland or a canyon of some sort. This is not its official name and is simply a nickname.

Not much is known about this place other than its location. It is located to the northwest of Lumiose City.

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"Inferno Temple"

"Inferno Temple" is a nickname given to the location shown in the first Pokémon X & Y trailer. This is not its official name and is simply a nickname.

This location can be seen in the trailer shooting out enormous pillars of flame inside of some sort of shrine or temple. Whether it is a Gym, the Pokémon League, or some other location is unknown.

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That's it for the new locations, but more will be added here as they're revealed through screenshots or trailers. Names will also be updated to their actual names as soon as they're revealed.

You can also keep tabs on the newly-added locations and view their detailed pages by checking out the "Locations" category in the Pokémon X & Y section. If you have an account on Marriland, you can also subscribe to the whole folder, or you can use the RSS feed there to keep track of updates. You can find a link below!


  • #1 Wiggler

    Yay for XY Subforum thingies :D These are done very nicely, thanks for all your hard work Devin :D

  • #48 Optarii

    Devin isn't his real name. It's the best trainer name he can think of.

  • #70 firemaster1084

    pod canyon looks cool! I like chespin, but it looks like he has a HUGE disadvantage in the beguinning due to the birds and bug gym

  • #2 8giraffe8

    Nice job, i'm really looking forward to the game. Especially the BENCHES!!!

  • #3 Giron_

    I just looked at the map, and if the castle east of "Bench Town" is the Pokemon League, then wow, that's close. It's like Indigo Plateau because it's close to New Bark & Viridian. I hope they keep the Gen V mechanic of choosing the Elite Four order (to battle them in), because that was great. I'm guessing the Town at the southern part below the forest is the starting town, as well.

    If the castle is the League, then I'm guessing the "Inferno Temple" might be the Champion's room (if it's part of the castle).

    Last edited by Giron_: 6/6/2013 1:43:13 AM
  • #4 pants98

    If the inferno temple has nothing to do with the e4 I think it will be either a temple where you can find a fire type ledgendary (possibly yvetll or however you say it. It also could be like a ultimate pokemon like mewtwos new form.) or maybe it could have something to do with the villans.

  • #32 Lapras_fan

    I agree, at least with the villain idea.

  • #5 hiPokemon1234

    looks cool


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    Marriland always does his best for us, I can't wait for new stuff from him. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MARRILAND!!!

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    well done makin this

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    Marriland this is the most detailed analysis of the kalos region currently on the internet.

    You are the best!!!!!!!!

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    yes, more news


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    I'm most curious about the gyms and e4. Good work Marriland!

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  • #11 FightingFire

    If you look at the eastern end of the map just outside of the snowy area, it looks like there is a train that leads out of the kalos region. Where do you all think that might lead? Could it allow travel between regions like the train in Gen2? If so, which region do you think it might lead to? 

  • #12 pants98

    Its probaply hoenn or sinnoh


  • #13 FightingFire

    I think Unova is most likely, but Johto, and then Kanto would be the coolest

  • #14 pants98

    They already did that with kanto and its to early to do unova i think hoenn is most likely


  • #21 Giron_

    If it was Hoenn, it would probably be through a Seaplane or something, because Hoenn is surrounded by water, but I'm thinking it might be Unova, geographically-wise (if they decide to do that sort of thing)


  • #37 Dragonite905

    It probably only leads to another town. Like the Nimbasa Subway Station in Unova! But that is true!


  • #40 UltiRayLightPKMNMaster

    I agree with Hoenn but I think you could go unova too, It would be awsome if you could go to every region, but I quess it won't

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