Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp is the Mega Evolution of Garchomp, introduced in Pokémon X & Y. It Mega Evolves through the use of a currently unrevealed Mega Stone.

Its appearances changes quite a bit, decorating its body with even more spikes and receiving scythes for arms instead of ordinary claws. Its Attack and Special Attack increase in its Mega Evolution, although its Speed decreases. It gets the Sand Force ability, which raises the power of its Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves during sandstorms.

It was first revealed on September 11th in leaked scans from the October CoroCoro, along with Mega Mewtwo X and several other new Pokémon. It was then officially revealed on September 13th.

Basic Information
Type: Dragon / Ground
Ability: Sand Force
Species: Mach Pokémon
Height: 6'03" (1.9m)
Weight: 209.4 lbs. (95.0kg)
Shown Moves
Method Move
Shown Dragon Claw


Mega Garchomp's Evolutions

Garchomp   Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp is the Mega Evolved form of Garchomp, evolving via Mega Evolution. It Mega Evolves during battle while its Mega Stone is held, along with whatever triggers Mega Evolution.

Pictures of Mega Garchomp

Here are all pictures of Mega Garchomp that have been revealed. Click on any of the pictures for a larger size!



  • #1 OmegaPoundDawg

    I'm in awe, this is amazing because I have a shiny garchomp! So exited!

  • #2 ratrace2thegame

    Mega garchomp kind of freaks me out but to top it if its 9-11 ugghh I have chill bumps running up my spine.

  • #3 Nightblade370

    Just thinking that Cynthia's Garchomp was already brutal enough, now we get not only a mega evolution, but an overpowered ability alongside it. You get this thing out with a Tyranitar with Sand Stream and it will be wrecking entire teams in game. And we can't even fathom its potential in competition.

  • #8 fumbles7

    indeed so true its will def change pokemon majorily

  • #4 I_Like_Milk

    This is the definition of horror and destruction in the form of a Pokemon 0_0

  • #5 Jimmy149

    Mega Garchomp's Attack and Special Attack both improve greatly, while its speed is go down a little.  

  • #6 AegislashAssassin

    Competitive team based around this... Oh... My... God... you will kill things, just throw in a tyranitar, have it spam substitute, and you spam earthquake...

  • #10 k924

    I think spam protect/detect would be better than substitute as it cuts HP, and will knock out tyranitar.

  • #7 SuperiorGarchomp

    I think they just want to showcase the power of fairy types by having a really big target like mega garchomp

  • #9 SuguDankoc

    Quote from SuperiorGarchomp »

    I think they just want to showcase the power of fairy types by having a really big target like mega garchomp

    Agreed, with Fairy types influencing the Metagame so much the Dragons really needed a buff.

  • #11 k924

    Lol look at his face.

  • #12 empoleonmaster123

    Garchomp has an attack stat of 130 and now after mega evolving it should be stronger then most legendary dragon pokemon.

    Mega Garchomp attacks with earthquake during a sandstorm and holding something like soft sand = TOTAL DESTRUCTION

  • #13 nokturnusmf

    Does anyone else think Mega Garchomp should have 10 less base defense and 10 more base speed?

  • #14 Couchmar

    Note "although its Speed decreases". One of the main attractions of Garchomp like Weavile has been BOTH it's physical attack strength AND Speed...

    The only reason Cynthia's Garchomp was even  a threat is because of the speed, it can and in most cases determines who faints and who preservers.. Cause unless the foe has 'Sturdy' or has 'Focus Band' or uses 'Endure' (waste of time IMO) any pokemon can be taken out with an attack with enough oomf behind it.

    Garchomp if you ask me is NOTHING without it's Speed. Just a foot stool. It's cool looking no doubt but battles aren't won by appearance. But make for a nice target to draw your opponents attacks in double/ triple battle though.... 

    Power means absolutely nothing if you never get a turn to utilize it!!


  • #15 therainyday

    garchomp has 102 speed, and in mega it has 92. not a very great loss in my opinion. garchomp can still outspeed threats like breloom, dragonite, gyarados, heatran, landorus-t, lucario, mamoswine, rotom-w, toxicroak, and venusaur, so i dont see why people are so heavily concerned about this. Its attack stat grows into a whopping 170, which enables ohkoes on all pokemon that dont run defence evs, or resist the attack.

  • #16 swswswsw

    I was hoping for that but not egspeted...

  • #17 lugiaevolution24

    he looks like he would just demolish every uther pokemon in its way he is just an absolute BEAST!!! :D :D :D :D :D


  • #18 Natalielovespokemon1

    I need a garchompnite! Anybody have one for trade? I do have shinnies and megas for trade

  • #19 Natalielovespokemon1

    Sorry shinies

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