Mega Mewtwo X

Mega Mewtwo X

Mega Mewtwo X is one of two Mega Evolutions of Mewtwo, introduced in Pokémon X & Y. It evolves through the Mewtwonite X Mega Stone, which is exclusive to Pokémon X. Its counterpart is Mega Mewtwo Y, which is the original Mega Mewtwo form revealed.

Mega Mewtwo X appears much fiercer than its counterpart, Mega Mewtwo Y, as well as its original form. It becomes part Fighting-type well, making it a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokémon. It also gets the Steadfast ability and an heavy increase to its Attack stat.

It was first revealed on September 11th in leaked scans from the October CoroCoro, along with Mega Garchomp and several other new Pokémon. It was then officially revealed on September 13th.

Basic Information
Type: Psychic / Fight
Ability: Steadfast
Species: Genetic Pokémon
Height: 7'07" (2.3m)
Weight: 280.0 lbs. (127.0kg)
Shown Moves
Method Move
Shown Giga Impact


Mega Mewtwo X's Evolutions

Mega Mewtwo Y
Mega Mewtwo X

Mega Mewtwo X is the Mega Evolved form of Mewtwo, evolving via Mega Evolution. It requires the Mewtwonite X to be held in order to Mega Evolve. It can also Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y by using the Mewtwonite Y instead.

Pictures of Mega Mewtwo X

Here are all pictures of Mega Mewtwo X that have been revealed. Click on any of the pictures for a larger size!



  • #1 OmegaPoundDawg

    This is good for mewtwo, giving younger viewers a taste of red and blue but with a twist

  • #2 ratrace2thegame

    I know that some pokemon spriters have been respriting Mewtwo like this I hope their happy to see this. But I cant believe that I have to get attached to another mega mewtwo form.

  • #3 jake20092

    This is amazing. I might get Pokémon X instead of Y just because of this form.

  • #4 Nightblade370

    This form is just too cool. I was a little disappointed that Mewtwo lost its edge with its Y form and I wished there was a better design for it, but this wins it for me. Pokemon X, here I come.

  • #5 Rumi6969

    And luckily i preordered X instead of Y... =u=
    That form looks a whole lot cooler c:

  • #6 I_Like_Milk

    I'm so glad I pre-ordered X. Everything I love is in X. I love Clauncher, I love Swirlix, and now I get an epic ninja alien that should consider being in Starfleet. Live long and prosper.

  • #7 espylovesyou

    now i'm begging my mom to pre-order pokemon x.

  • #8 ratrace2thegame

    It just got all DBZ up in here.

  • #9 Charmander111502


  • #10 Davidoffen

    This new form is super cool but i still prefer normal mewtwo.

  • #11 gk1999

    i think they did a big mistake by making another mega evolution of mewtwo


  • #13 RedaAitRami

    OH MY GOD !! What is wrong with you nintendo ??! I picked Y (cuz of Yveltal) ,you make mega Mewtwo X ... I say whatever im still picking Y you make mega Charizard X.. why do you need to torture me like this ?

    Last edited by RedaAitRami: 10/5/2013 8:18:30 AM
  • #14 RedaAitRami

    If only they would make a Mega Darkrai , how wesome would that be ??

  • #16 Sukrotic

    No offense but why Darkrai? It may look awesome but probably won't be that awesome in battle... A Mega Thunderus would be OP


  • #15 Sukrotic

    This is awful MegaMewtwoX is pretty bad... Physical?! Everything about him is set up for special C'mon nintendo


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