Horde Battles

Horde Battles are a new feature introduced in Pokémon X & Y where you are able to run into five of a certain wild Pokémon at a time while traveling through areas. These Horde Battles are effectively 1-vs-5 battles, where you use just one of your Pokémon to challenge five wild Pokémon.

Attacks that hit multiple targets are able to hit the opposing horde of Pokémon and are strongly recommended to have in order to deal with these hordes.

Horde Battles do not always include the same Pokémon; related Pokémon may be included in the fight as well, meaning Miltank may appear mixed in with a horde of Tauros.

Here's a list of Pokémon that have been shown engaging in Horde Battles:

Axew 8 Unknown Cave
Houndour 11 Unknown Route
14 Unknown Route


  • #1 SetsunaFSeiei

    These look really, really dangerous.

    Axew used Dragon Rage!Axew used Dragon Rage!Axew used Dragon Rage!Axew used Dragon Rage!Axew used Dragon Rage!

    Marriland whited out!

  • #2 empoleonmaster123

    On these battles you can gain a ton of experience.

    Horde battles are a good way to train your pokemon but there are also dangerous because you must resist the opponents attacks

  • #3 Samurotter

    Oh man, this is great, if I EVER get my meaty claws on that horde of houndour, they will need to go through the now-more-useful surf >:D

  • #4 ratrace2thegame

    Higher chances of catching a pokemon.

  • #5 brofessor_toke

    I hope you can gain a lot of XP from these battles...also, I hope you can catch a pokemon from the bunch, but I have no idea how you would do that

  • #14 XDevilkillX

    Maybe select the pokeball then select which you want to try to catch

  • #6 Kostasbtr

    finally, froakie used surf! wild geodude fainted x5

  • #7 Kwaane

    this will probably make catching shinies a lot easier

  • #8 TehEpicNinja9001

    A horde of Wailord appeared! O_O

  • #10 AegislashAssassin

    Quote from TehEpicNinja9001 »

    A horde of Wailord appeared! O_O

    Horde of Mewtwo appears! ************************!! Vader whited out!

  • #15 XDevilkillX

    Pretty sure that's not possible without a cheating device, but still would be interesting.

  • #9 TehEpicNinja9001

    Horde of Audino=EPIC TRAINING!

    Sorry, my computer is being dumb and won't let me edit this onto my other post. :(

  • #11 funryan12

    this makes it easier to train(especially if its Audino),easier to catch pokemon and Boomburst is the perfect move to use in these battles!

  • #13 vixymon

    every ev trainers dream

  • #16 PokeTrickster

    No kidding, however, there is the fact that sometimes other Pokemon appear. Multi target moves a must on every Pokemon.

  • #17 JonathanH95

    I was attacked by a horde of 4 Seviper and 1 Zangoose on Route 8. All the Seviper attacked the Zangoose instead of attacking me! Pretty nice how they included that because Seviper and Zangoose don't like each other!

  • #19 kirbymariomega

    That same thing happens to me with 4 Zangoose and a Seviper all of the time. I assume you're playing Y, and there are hordes of Heatmor and Durant, so...

    In Y, do the hordes consist of 4 Heatmor and a Durant?

  • #18 Krisags

    Has anyone else had an "error" when a horde of pokemon appears? I get a message saying an error occurred and the system will now restart. Happens every time I encounter a horde of pokemon. Help? I have a 3DS XL.

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