Route 10

After earning your second Gym Badge (though you can visit here beforehand if you're in search of Pokémon; you just won't fight Team Flare), head north of Cyllage City to reach Route 10.

Wild Pokémon on Route 10
Eevee Normal 19-21 More common in the Yellow flowers.
  Golett Ghost
Hawlucha Fight
19-20 More common in the tall grass.
Sigilyph Psychc
  Yanma Bug
10 (Horde) Can appear in a horde (5x Yanma)
Emolga Electr
20 Rare. Have a Pokémon with Static lead to attract it.
Houndour Dark
19-21 Pokémon X only. Can appear in a horde (5x Houndour)
  Electrike Electr 19-21 Pokémon Y only. Can appear in a horde (5x Electrike)
Snubbull Fairy 21  
  Nosepass Rock 10 (Horde) Can appear in a horde (5x Nosepass)

Immediately to the north of the entrance is an Iapapa Berry tree, which will drop one Iapapa Berry to the ground every week. It's probably best to plant this in the Berry Fields on Route 7 whenever you get the chance, although you don't need to worry about it for now.

If you've taught Strength to one of your Pokémon, you can move a boulder just to the north of that tree. To reveal a little alcove with a hidden Revive just south of a second boulder.

This second boulder is much tricker to get to its destination thanks to all of the rocks blocking the path. Go just to the north of the boulder and then push it two times to the south, then push it three times to the east, two times to the north, three more times to the east, once to the north, and then all the way east until it lands in the pit, allowing you to cross and receive TM73 Thunder Wave, which paralyzes the foe in battle.

Anyway, back to the main road, the first Trainer you'll find is Psychic Robert who uses a Solosis L22 on his team. Just after him is Tourist Fumiko with a Skiploom L19, a Dunsparce L19, and an Azumarill L19.

To the north of her are the mysterious stones that adorn the route. Just to the east from the entrance is a Mind Plate, which boosts the power of the holder's Psychic-type moves. To the north of that, in the corner of the first area of the stones, is a hidden Paralyze Heal. In the northwest part of the first segment, you'll find an X Accuracy.

As you try to enter the second segment of the stones, you'll run into a Team Flare Grunt who uses a Houndour L21 and a Golbat L23.

Once you've beaten him, he'll run off, leaving you free to explore the next segment. Just to the east is a hidden Burn Heal. Psychic Sayid can be found running around the center, and he has a Meditite L19 and a Kirlia L21. To the north of him, in the northwest part of this segment, is a Thunder Stone. Since you cannot buy Thunder Stones from the shop in Lumiose City at this point in the game, this is quite helpful if you're looking to evolve your Pikachu or Eevee.

Head over to the gate to the next segment and you'll have to fight another Team Flare Grunt. She uses an Electrike L23 and a Croagunk L21. Follow the path and fight a third Team Flare Grunt, this one using a Gulpin L24. Just to the right of that Team Flare Grunt is Tourist Tomoko, and she has a Drifloon L19, a Hippopotas L19, and a Pachirisu L19.

That's all there is to Route 10, as to the north you'll find the entrance to Geosenge Town.


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